About Jodi


                           I am motivated and inspired to be part of the movement to create the change we need in the world.

My diverse interests, skills, qualities and education have led me to work in coordination, management, planning, policy, advocacy and communications.  

 I am adaptable and actively pursue change and growth.

I am a hard worker and committed to high standards.

I can juggle many things at once, but I prefer to organize myself and my work in a way that allows me to focus and give attention to one thing at a time.

I am committed to a balanced life of meaningful work and play, family and friends.

I love adventures and sports in the mountains, forest, ocean and remote places.  

I am analytical and detail oriented.

I am creative and enjoy playing with many different mediums including photography, digital imagery, layout and design, writing, woodworking, video and music.

The intersection between art, design and nature fascinates and inspires me.

I try to live simply, but fully.